About The Course

AAA’s multi-engine rating program adds multi-engine privileges to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot License. All necessary ground and flight instruction required by the Multi-Engine AAA Fleet Practical Test Standards is included. This 14 day course provides up to 10 hours of flight training and the use of the aircraft for the check-ride.

AAA will send you the Piper Seneca Training Manual before you commence training. This booklet covers multi-engine aerodynamics, aircraft systems, checklist procedures, flight procedures, weight & balance, required charts and instrument approach plates.

All checklists, and specific aircraft related information will be included in Piper’s Seneca Information Manual and the Seneca POH (pilot’s operating handbook) which will be made available at the flight training centre.


The Maldivian Civil Aviation Department (MCAD) is an ICAO member state. The training being conducted at AAA meets Annex-1 requirements. We are also in total compliance with JAR-FCL 1 standards. The MCAD licenses follow the JAA licensing standards and all our courses are designed to meet the JAR-FCL requirements.