Flight Instruction- AAA

In order to pursue your application as an instructor, please send us;

• Commercial Pilot License.
• Medical Class 1
• ATPL Results Sheet
• Last PPC (Pilot Profieciency Check) Date
• Log book – Scan and submit the last two pages of your log book,
indicating dates, duration and type of your last three flights
• CV

The flight instructor rating course comprises of 30 hours of flight training, of which 25 hours will be dual instruction and 5 hours will be mutual flying with another student instructor or qualified FI to practice flight demonstrations. During the dual instruction, applicants will learn how to demonstrate all PPL exercises, evaluate a student’s performance and correct student errors.

Flight Instruction will be carried out in single engine aircraft. Ground school comprises of 125 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction. During this time an applicant will refresh their theoretical knowledge and learn how to teach, prepare and give technical lectures and conduct pre-flight briefs.

Flight Instructor - AAA

On completion of the Flight Instructor Course (FIC) a pilot will have the ability to instruct a student to the level required for the issue of PPL (A), including theoretical knowledge instruction.

The course is full time Monday to Sunday and lasts between 2 and 3 months dependent on weather conditions and applicant ability. A part-time course may be offered. Please contact us to discuss.

All applicants that successfully complete their Flight Instructor Rating with AAA, will be provided with a job as an instructor.

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