About The Course

The following information is for pilots who wish to obtain a temporary validation of their licences for a short stay in Republic of Maldives.

  • On full conversion details, seek advice from CAD-FCL.


If a holidaymaker simply wishes to fly in The Maldives for a short period of time, the Civil Aviation Dept-Maldives (CAD) will usually issue the visitor with a “Certificate of Validation” upon application. This issue is normally dependent on the visitor holding an ICAO/EASA licence. The license issued is essentially a “permit to fly” for a period of three months, and is endorsed accordingly. A medical examination is generally not necessary however the applicant will require a full check flight prior to flying in The Maldives. A validation of an overseas license takes between one and three days to complete – depending on how well prepared you are when you arrive in The Maldives. We will generally need to spend around half a day with you arranging the license conversion paperwork, as well as briefing you on Maldivian procedures and local navigation variances. A delay will occur if verification of your license from the country of origin is not addressed promptly. You will then need to complete the check flight and probably a familiarization flight. You will need to purchase some basic documentation for your flights in The Maldives. The minimum documentation includes:

  • Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)
  • En-route supplement
  • Maps and charts for the areas in which you want to fly

Conversion to Sri Lankan Licenses

The Sri Lanka Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA) has approved Capt. Suranjan De Silva Head of Training / Examiner of AAA, Maldives, to conduct skills tests/GFTs at AAA Maldives, for Sri Lankan nationals who wish convert their foreign licenses (FAA, etc) to SLCAA licenses.

The applicants will adopt the following procedure, recommended by CAASL.

  1. License holder applies for the conversion, initiating the process as applicable at PEL, CAASL.
  2. Follow through the process, completing required documentation, medical, ELPC, etc.
  3. Identify experience shortcomings, as per Sri Lankan system.
  4. Liaise with CAASL to arrange the flight test in The Maldives in an Aircraft registered in The Maldives by Examiner Capt. Suranjan De Silva, following completion of the remaining portion of flying training required by Sri Lanka.
  5. Submit the Flight Test Report after completion of the Test.

Sri Lankan nationals arriving back home with foreign licenses (FAA, etc) experience considerable delays in the conversion process due to following reasons:

  1. Non availability of training aircraft with the FTOs.
  2. Frequent airspace restrictions being imposed by the military/Air force, due to VIP movements.
  3. Non availability of Nav. aids at RMA and KTK is a major impediment to a training environment; hence the student pilots are required to proceed to KAT to carry out basic instrument approaches. Often it is a “no go” event due to international traffic movements. Occasionally, after departing KTK, at Kaduwela, the flight is required to hold or terminate, due to international traffic operations, and return to KTK, which is a wasteful and a costly exercise having flown 40 to 50 minutes of unnecessary VFR time, and compelled to log same and accumulating / exceeding the total time (TT) requirements for a license/rating.
  4. X/C phase is another aspect, due to airspace restrictions, often being re-scheduled or cancelled. After being re-scheduled, the Wx factor is another notable hindrance, which adversely affects the task during pm hours and often the flight plan is cancelled.
  5. Applicants carrying out the skill test/GFT at AAA Maldives, should complete the conversion procedure within 3-5 days and obtain their FCL, upon submission.

Conversion of ICAO CPL to MCAA (Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority) CPL

The following process is to be adopted in order to convert your ICAO/EASA CPL to a MCAA CPL:

Phase 1

  • Submit via email the ICAO FCL for Verification to AAA
  • Scan and email last two pages of the log book. Indicate clearly the signed off FTO’s certification
  • Scan and email the medical.
  • Indicate the dates of last three flights carried out, with duration and location
  • Must have met minimum flying requirements for the CPL/IR , (ICAO Annex-1 Compliant)

After completion of all the above:

Phase 2 – Requirements for conversion.

  • Enroll with AAA
  • Arrive in The Maldives for medical validation and complete the Air Law test conducted by MCAA
  • Complete a composite paper conducted by AAA. (Met and Nav.)
  • Complete a communication paper (2 parts) (JAR-FCL compliant), conducted by AAA
  • Complete ELPC or validate if in possession
  • Carry out 10 hrs. in C150 + 5 hrs. in C172RG
  • Carry out skill test CPL /IR in C-172RG – duration 2.5 hrs.

The duration for phase 2 is 4 to 6 weeks.

On Successful Completion, the applicant will be issued with a:

  • CPL by MCAA
  • IR endorsed in CPL
  • ELPC endorsed in CPL