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Career Opportunities at AAA

Job Title Description / Requirements





  • Proven experience in training from ab-initio phase, leading to Commercial Pilot License standards. Possession of JAR-FCL CPL/IR/FI/ME or compliant standards,
  • ELPC Level – 6 and minimum of 500hrs instructional time, out of which 150hrs imparting instruction on MEP class, with 75 hrs on PA34-200T with a FTO conducting approved class rating courses.






  • Minimum 2 years experience as a ground Instructor, having worked in accordance with JAA-FCL standards, preparing pupil pilots from ab-initio phase to ATPL Examinations, leading to “CPL/IR/ME, Frozen ATPL status”.
  • Flight Instructors who have performed as “Theoritical Knowledge” Instructors whilst being engaged as FIs also will be considered.
  • Able to impart AGK, Met, FPP, Nav, HPL
  • Apply with references and indicate present employment status.






  • General Aviation “single/multi – piston class” experience, possession of a current ICAO / AMEL with A&C, or Part 66 – B1.2 category.
  • Approvals to release to service privilages on C150/172, PA34. Open rating preferred.
  • Selected applicant will be required to sit for Module 10 examination based on EASA syllabi, conducted by Maldive CAD, in order to obtain a “Validation”
  • Minimum 2-3 yrs experience in GA / FTO operations prefered.






  • General Aviation Industry experience in a FBO/FTO operating “single/multi – piston class”.
  • Able to manage QA unit of the FTO





  • Possession of one year experience at a 145 Org, FBO or a FTO and having successfully completed the examination modules 1 -10, 11B, 16,17 at an institute under approval reference 147, and be able and ready to work towards a Part-66 B1.2 category.
  • Minimum 6 months, certificated experience, working in “twin piston class” Piper PA-34 200T type.




  • Possession of 3-5 yrs experience in “E,I & R” working on “Light SEPs/MEPs” at an AMO/145 Centre, FBO or a FTO, and be able to work towards a Part-66 B2 License.





  • Minimum experience of 2 years as a despatch officer.
  • Able to manage the ” Flt: Ops” unit.
  • Carry out M & B of light single/twin aircraft, maintain pilots/instructors currency details, FDPs, daily Wx brief, monitor and develop ERP, daily update on operational info, including flight authorisation and tech logs. liaise with ATC on flight schedules.
  • Will report to Head of Training.


* All above positions shall hold a current license, acceptable to CAD-Maldives.

* Terms – Negotiable, based on qualifications.

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