Founded in 1991 by Mr. Ali Akbar Jeevunjee, AAA has steadily grown to become the largest flight training academy in South Asia. Through efficient, highly focused training towards commercial pilot certification, AAA prepares men and women for professional pilot careers with airlines, corporate flight departments, air charter companies and flight schools.

AAA later expanded its course offering to include its Airline Career Pilot Program, an ab-initio training program for international students to train from Private Pilot thru Commercial Pilot with Flight Instructor Certificates. This highly successful program led AAA to become the number one source of pilots to regional airlines, having the highest ratio of airline placements to students of any flight school, aviation college, or flight academy.

Under the leadership of active and former air force pilot, Capt. Suranjan De Silva, AAA now operates the largest flight training fleet of 14 aircraft, including the PA-34 multi-engine aircraft.


AAA Past Student - Anand Theerthan

I enjoyed my time in GAN and it’s a great place to learn to fly. I got varied experience at AAA and enjoyed the cross-countries around the Addu Atol the most. The new C172RG  was great to fly, but I also enjoyed the older aircraft that I trained on. It great to learn to fly with many students of many different nationalities. After completing my CPL with AAA, I worked as instructor for 14 months after which time, I was offered a job at Trans Maldivian Aero which was a great opportunity for myself. I now fly the De Havilland – Dash 6 – Twin Otter, in Maldives.

Anand Theerthan
First Officer, Trans Maldivian Aero
DHC-6 Twin Otter

AAA Past Student - Avesta

Having quickly completed my ATPL theory, I was able to fly daily, which enabled me to obtain my CPL in record time. Having a sound understanding of the theory subjects, allowed to me to grasp the practical aspect of flying quite easily. I am grateful for the family and friends that I made at AAA. The memories I have of my training in beautiful Maldives will be cherished forever.

Avesta Maroofi
First Officer, Afghanisthan Airlines
Boeing 747-400

AAA Past Student - Tholla Anwar

AAA has been training Maldivian students for the last 25 years. Initially in Sri Lanka, I was part of the initial batch of Maldivian students which were selected to obtain a Commercial Pilot License. Overall the aviation industry is a hard one to be in, but perseverance is the key to getting through. It’s how you conduct yourself and attitude from day one that determines how well you’ll cope. Setting myself high standards has made the journey a bit easier. There are plenty of ups and downs but its how well you ride the downs that determines how high the ups go. “Keep at it!” is what I’ve heard so many times and it’s true, it goes a long way towards success.” After obtaining my pilot license through AAA, I worked within the Maldives and progressed to Qatar airways as a first officer. As a Maldivian, I am proud that AAA is training young Maldivians as Commercial Pilots to 5 star airline quality standards.

Captain Tholla Anwar
Qatar Airways – Type Rating Examiner (TRE)
Airbus A350 and A330.

AAA Past Student - Manoj Abay

I began my commercial pilot training in October 2009, and I was impressed with the professional approach of AAA, from the get go. The ground school instructors are very dedicated and most committed – always doing their best to achieve optimal results for the students. This professionalism continued throughout my practical training at AAA Maldives. There I had my best experiences and will never forget my solo flights, especially my first solo. I experienced the ultimate feeling of freedom during flight training. Working at AAA, as an instructor allowed me to clock experience. After working as an instructor, I was able to obtain a job in Maldives with the largest fleet of seaplanes in the world. Today I fly, the Twin Otter with TMA, transporting holidaymakers from all over the world that land in Male. We fly them to resorts all around the Maldives. I can truely say, that we pilots have the office with the worlds greatest view.

Manoj Abayasekara
First Officer, Trans Maldivian Aero
DHC-6 Twin Otter

AAA Past Student - Rizar Hou

I completed my Instructor course with AAA in mid 2014 and became a flight instructor with the Cessna 150 fleet. The training courses are conducted with experienced pilots and extensive study materials. Not only did I get to teach in one of the most beautiful countries in the planet it also expanded my horizons to be a better pilot. AAA is part of a diverse culture with students and instructors from across the globe. With the experiences I had with AAA, it helped me propel my career to be an airline pilot.

Rizar Hou
Airbus A320, First Officer
Viet Jet

Former AAA Student - Chinthaka

My professional aviation career began in 2016 with AAA, when I became a graduate Flight Instructor. After completing my FIR endorsement, I was offered a full time instructor position with AAA. When I was offered a position at Trans Maldivian Aero, I had logged 1200 hours of flying time, of which 800 hours were instructional. I found that training and instructing at AAA, set me up very well for this step into the airlines. Daily, I come across the need for skills that I obtained training students in an airline environment.

Chinthaka Perera
First Officer, Trans Maldivian Aero
DHC-6 Twin Otter